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Hey there! I’m Gia.

If you happened to find my little domain on the world wide web, you’re either:

a)  Just being nosey for the sake of it because you heard about me through the grapevine and wanted to check me out. (Hey, we’re all like that!)

b) An entrepreneur that can’t afford to use one more brain cell to work on one more marketing task for their business.

c) An entrepreneur that’s proactive in their business, but looking for that special someone to help spearhead your marketing efforts to the next level.

Whatever category you fall in, please understand that I GET IT! Running a business is demanding, overwhelming, and at times intimidating. You know you need the help, but you’re looking for someone who can understand your vision and navigate that vision toward success.

My mission: To help entrepreneurs and small businesses confidently and effectively market their business in the online world like they were BORN to do it! I help amazing brands breathe life into their brand storytelling by rocking out creative marketing strategies and projects to assist them in further reaching their business goals.

In today’s marketplace, that’s what it’s all about: telling your story authentically. People want relationships with brands and they want to trust the businesses they give their hard earn dollars to. In short: Your potential customers are making you WORK for their attention!

But you don’t have to go at it alone. There’s no magic potion or cookie cutter solutions to creating success overnight. But I’m here to help you create effective strategies to get your business noticed in a noisy marketplace.

With that being said….let’s get to work!

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Short Bio:

Gia Maxwell is the social media manager of Gia Maxwell Management Consulting, LLC providing results-oriented social media management and consulting services. Gia is passionate about empowering visions and helping people reach their potential in their career and personal lives. She has over 7 years of marketing experience and she loves building relationships and supporting the underdog. Her ultimate goal is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs breathe life into their brand storytelling and achieve results.